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Adventure travel on a budget

In the economic climate of today it can be hard to imagine that international travel is an option to be considered. With many Britons turning to holidays at home this summer, or low-budget weekends away to cheap Eastern European travel destinations, long stay holidays abroad may seem out of the question. However, traveling abroad, and in particular, adventure travel, is more affordable than one might think and certainly more rewarding than a lot of other holiday options. 

Mt. Moussalla ( Musala ) in Bulgaria

 Travels in Bulgaria

Mt. Moussalla

( Musala )



Firstly, the economic climate has meant that flights have become slightly cheaper. Especially when using online search engines and travel agent tools, one can find discounted flights and offers even on transatlantic flights. Prices are particularly low when booked months in advance, so pre-planning during the recession is of the utmost importance. If looking for a low cost adventurous holiday close to home, there are plenty of interesting outdoor activities and beautiful scenery to see in Snowdonia in Wales and in the mountainous areas of Scotland. There are also lots of cheap flights available to the continent, so you could get to the Alps for less than fifty pounds return if flying with a budget airline. Once you have picked a destination, negotiating your way around does not have to be expensive. For example, if flying to South America or Canada for adventurous holidays, once can choose low budget accommodation and travel in order to save some pennies.

Ben Nevis above Fort William and Loch Linnhe

 The Highlands & Islands of Scotland

Ben Nevis


Fort William


Loch Linnhe

Although staying in hotels, apartments and villas can be incredibly expensive, by checking out online sources you can find a variety of hostels all over the globe to stay in. Websites such as hostelworld also show the safety of the hostel, the security, facilities and overall feel of a place so you can judge the prices and atmosphere of the hostel before you arrive. By staying in hostels you can reduce the cost of your holiday and also meet lots of interesting people from all over the world who can share their experiences of the local area with you. Another new option is couch surfing or home swapping. There are websites online that specialize in putting people in touch with one another and allowing them to either swap homes - so stay in another country for free - or couch surf, which can really open your eyes to the local culture and allow you to meet people that can give you advice and share experiences about the places you are visiting.

Sunset at Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn, in Bangkok, Thailand



Wat Arun



Websites such as dealchecker can help scan holiday packages, flights and accommodation abroad to help you find cheap deals, some of which are in areas such as the 
Alps, the Rockies, Yellowstone and Asia where you can enjoy outdoor sports and hiking. Lots of outdoor activities in these areas are free, so although the initial payout on flights and hostels can seem a lot, the once-in-a-lifetime experiences of being in such places are free, yet priceless.

Mt.Cholatse on route to Everest Base Camp

Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya

Mt. Cholatse
( 6440m )
on route
Everest Base Camp

By ensuring you use online tools and travel agents to their best potential you can get a variety of travel deals that can drastically reduce costs and can come up with packages and options that will surprise you with just how cheap they can be. Also by considering staying in hostels, or couch surfing, you can meet fantastic people and gain new life experiences that you may not ordinarily do in a hotel. Although lots of adventurous locations may seem expensive and daunting, by making choice savings here and there you can cut down on costs and gain experiences that you can`t put a price on.

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