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Sunshine Beach Holidays

Sun, sea and sand, the beach holiday is the icon of summer vacations for people all over the world. Mankind has worshipped the sun since the dawn of time and the lure of basking in its glory, on warm soft white sand, the sound of the sea and a cool drink in hand captivates us all. But where are the top destinations?

Bondi Beach in New South Wales, Australia

 Bondi Beach

Say beach and the word Bondi will immediately come to mind. Bondi beach the leisure mascot of Australia is located on the suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, just 7 kilometres from the city centre. Established in 1855 the beach is 1 kilometre of golden sand, safest at it northern end with a hazardous rip current nicknamed the " Backpacker Express " dominating the south, a domain for the serious surfer. Whales and dolphins are common visitors in the migration season and even fairy penguins come to play. Beach volleyball dominates the recreation on the sand with Bondi hosting the 2000, Olympic Championship. The Lifesavers Club and Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club are legendary, having many world champions past and present as members. The beach is also home to much popular culture, skate board competitions, beauty pageants and music concerts are all common events. Needless to say the beach is served by a wealth of accommodation from 5 star luxury to simple guesthouses. Restaurants and bars also abound in the streets adjacent to this Australian National Heritage Site and world icon.

Beach at Ao Patong on Ko Phuket in Southern Thailand

Beach at Ao Patong on Ko Phuket

Still in the southern oceans, but on another continent with a very different culture, can be found the world renowned beaches of Thailand. The most famous among them must be those of Phuket Island. The white sand and the calm crystal clear opal green sea are in contrast to the drama of Bondi. However, a pace to suit all can be found here. Patong beach full of activity in the day and vibrant with nightlife after dark, seems a world away from the remote stretches of sand to be found in the north of the island. Here the true feel of the South Seas can be experienced. The idyllic palm fringed, bleached white sand gives way to warm clear ocean abounding with stunningly beautiful sea creatures, make this paradise on earth.

Laguna Beach in California

Laguna Beach in California 

" Let`s go surfing now, everybody`s learning how, come on a safari with me. " The immortal words of the Beach Boys sum up the beaches of the southern California coastline. From the surf dudes of Rincon to the muscle men of Venice Beach, this is the place to be seen. The location that tops them all, sitting at the end of Sunset Boulevard is Malibu Beach. Littered with high class clubs, restaurants and properties reflecting unimaginable wealth it is the beach home of some of the most famous people in the world. It is also easy to see why. The beach of beautiful golden sand is met by the dramatic deep blue of the Pacific, its rolling waves picture perfect. With Beverly Hills and Hollywood a short drive up Sunset Boulevard this must be the glitziest of beach destinations.

Fisherman's Beach at Albufeira in the Algarve

Fisherman's Beach at Albufeira in the Algarve 

Europe too has its jewel in the crown. The Algarve region of southern Portugal has some of the most dramatic coastline in the world. Long sandy beaches are mingled with treasured little coves dotted among the rocky outcrops, caressed by the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. In the holiday towns of Faro, Vilamoura and Albufeira hotels to suit all budgets abound affording welcome comfort to the visitor of this little piece of European paradise.

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